Sorry for not posting this yesterday…

We were at Silicon Valley Comic Con and were too wonderfully discombobulated to post from all the incredible personalities and attendees we ran into at the show. But with the sobering reality of Monday morning, we figured it out once again. Please enjoy last Saturday’s episode. Peter Albin was a wonderful guest and Satan’s School For Girls is an odd movie. You’re sure to like one, the other or both.

This weekend on Creature Features:

Satans Scool for Girls - Peter Albin.pngJoin us as we watch “Satan’s School For Girls”, a delightful tale about the wonderful crossroads where academia, murder and devil-worship collide. We’ll be joined by 60’s rock legend Peter Albin from Big Brother And the Holding Company. Saturday night at 9PM on Northbay TV and at 11PM on KOFY TV20. Don’t miss it!

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