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While we hope most of you seeing this post will take full advantage…

…of the generous link below to enjoy last night’s glorious episode of our peculiar little show, we understand some you might not feel that Creature Features is the ideal pairing with pancakes and Cap’n Crunch. So we thought we’d brief you of these other television options available to you as of this posting as well:

  • CH       Description
  • 8          Wonder Cooker!
  • 21        The Message of The Cross
  • 23        Countdown to Christmas
  • 29        Fish Mavericks
  • 39        Fantasy Football Now
  • 41        How To Tighten Crepey Skin
  • 47        Hoarders
  • 64        Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • 67        Flea Market Flip

Yes, these are actual and factual listings. Perhaps you actually should make Creature Features part of your nutritious breakfast by clicking the link below.

Tonight on Creature Features:

We’ll be watching “I Bury The Living”, an OK movie with a fabulous lobby poster. Joining us will be filmmaker Strephon Taylor to tell us about his new film “I Believe In Halloween” and to chat about our favorite holiday. 10PM on KOFY-TV 20, Northbay TV, YouTube and a number of other wonderful channels. Don’t miss it!


If you had something even moderately fun to do last Saturday night you most probably missed our show. We forgive you.

We’d likely do the same thing as well if we weren’t required to slave over a hot film cutting machine watching take after take of Vincent stumbling over his opening monologue just to stitch together something that is marginally comprehensible and mildly entertaining. But now it’s our turn to go have fun and your turn to gaze your eyes upon this mess. But look at the bright side: even if it’s a crummy movie, the guest is awesome and that kind of makes up for it all, doesn’t it?