Well, it’s again Sunday and almost Christmas…

…and some of you might be contemplating watching a holiday Hallmark movie to get into the spirit. Don’t. As our friend Joel W. points out, “The plot of every Hallmark movie is about a career woman who is too busy for love but she has to move to a small town where a handsome local bachelor teachers her about the true spirit of the holiday. It starts snowing and they kiss. There is also a dog.” Instead, catch a fresh new serving of our latest episode. Think of it as Christmas – with an edge.

This weekend on Creature Features:

Join us as we watch “Silent Night, Bloody Night” with Steve and Anna Benincasa-Morales from the Sea Dogs performance troupe. They will be entertaining at the San Francisco Dicken’s Christmas Fair and will be telling us all about that event. Saturday night at 10PM PST on KOFY TV20, Northbay TV, the YouTube link below and a number of other fantastic stations across the U.S. Don’t miss it!

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