Vincent, Tangella and Mr. Livingston host the 21st-century version of Creature Features, the classic San Francisco Bay Area horror-host program made famous by Bob Wilkins in the 70’s and John Stanley in the 80’s. Host Vincent Van Dahl, popularly known as Vince Vandal, is the former frontman for the 1990’s metal band “Prince of Darkness.” He retired from music several years ago to pursue a quiet life in Bodega Bay at his newly-acquired home, the historic Poulter Manor. From this allegedly haunted mansion, he is joined by his peculiar housemate Tangella and his loyal valet Mr. Livingston to deliver the best guests and the worst movies to the entire Bay Area and around the world.

Creature Features is independently produced by Crowhaven Productions LLC.


Horror & Sci-Fi Movies With Wonderful Guests.

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