This Saturday:

Typically, we don’t make culinary recommendations as to which food our viewers should pair with our show, but this week will be somewhat different: As an appetizer, we would suggest the 9-piece chicken McNuggets. For the main course: a Big Mac, which is comprised of two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and delightfully presented on a sesame-seed bun. This delicacy is served with a generous portion of Pomme Frites. As for dessert, a delicious apple pie, of course, because the McFlurry machine will likely be broken. And should there be children present for our broadcast, then Happy Meals for the lot of them. Because joining us this weekend will be the talented actor, Squire Fridel. But you know him as Ronald McDonald and he’ll regale us with all kinds of captivating tales about being a commercial actor that acts in commercials situated in McDonaldland. In fact, he’s so good in front of cameras that shoot commercials that he even wrote the book on the topic.

Movie-wise, we’ll take in “The Horror at 37,000 Feet” from 1973. This is a grand film we showed once before a few years back. It has quite a collection of familiar faces like William Shatner, Roy Thinnes, Paul Winfield, Tammy Grimes, Jane Merrow and Russell Johnson. You know if The Professor from Gilligan’s Island is in one of our features, it will be a fun night.

All this while Tangella channels her inner Rocky Balboa, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific on YouTube at the enclosed link and on-demand at Creature Features TV. Don’t miss it!

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