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“The Star Trek Dream” is a historic documentary released in 1975, which holds the distinction of being the first-ever documentary created about the iconic science fiction television series, “Star Trek.” This groundbreaking film was not only created and hosted by the esteemed Bob Wilkins, known for his role as the host of the original Creature Features show, but it also marked a significant milestone in the exploration of the Star Trek phenomenon. With Wilkins’ charismatic presence and a team of dedicated filmmakers, the documentary delves into the visionary world of Gene Roddenberry and the unwavering passion of the show’s devoted fan base. Through interviews with the cast, crew, and enthusiastic fans, “The Star Trek Dream” shines a light on the show’s profound influence on popular culture, its forward-thinking themes and exploration, and the lasting impact it had on the imaginations of millions worldwide.
The documentary has been restored and re-released, thanks to the efforts of Wilkins historian, Tom Wyrsch. With meticulous care, Wyrsch ensured that the essence and significance of the original film were preserved for future generations of Star Trek enthusiasts. This restored version of “The Star Trek Dream” allows viewers to experience the documentary as it was intended, providing an authentic glimpse into the cultural impact of the beloved series. Through Wyrsch’s dedication and expertise, this restored edition of the documentary serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Bob Wilkins and the continued appeal of “Star Trek.”

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    I had no idea Bob Wilkins had done a Star Trek documentary – I can’t wait to watch his take on it, especially since he was right there, documenting the very beginning of grassroots Trek fandom… And a ‘Wayne’s World’-esque “We’re not worthy!” bow & scrape to Tom Wyrsch for the restoration; I previewed the first few minutes & it looks like it was made this morning!

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