Creature Features Now On Roku

Hello, Creature Feature friends! We’re proud to announce that our dedicated Creature Features Roku channel is now up and running! If you’re an owner of one of these wonderful devices, you can search for us in the Channel Store using the search term “Creature Features SF.” You can also add us by using the link in the first comment below and logging into your account. Please be sure to add the channel to your lineup and we’d most appreciate your generous review. You’ll find the quality of the episodes to be quite superb. It may actually be the clearest way to watch the show yet. We’re using a rather new system to update the channel, and we’ve already found a few minor bugs, but overall, it works quite well. It may be a while before we’ll have new episodes completely in sync with our broadcast and YouTube channels, but we’re working on improving that. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

And coming soon: The Creature Features channel on Amazon FireTV!

Roku Announce.png

3 thoughts on “Creature Features Now On Roku”

  1. How lovely!! Truthfully, I purchased a Roku 3 specifically in order to watch Creature Features on a large screen via Northbay TV (or YouTube). Creature Features SF is streamlined and user-friendly, congratulations, and long may you (air)wave!


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