Our final episode. Last one. Terminado. Fini. Fertig. Fenito. 

Clarification: the last episode of our first two year run. Beginning with our Halloween episode next weekend, we’ll be launching year 3 of our show. Expect a new opening. Tangella with new hair. And you can also assume a few other surprises as well. So enjoy this final episode of our “classic” era. It has a great guest, a funny movie and you’ll have the opportunity to learn way more than you ever wanted to know about the Bodega Bay Manure Festival.

3 thoughts on “Our final episode. Last one. Terminado. Fini. Fertig. Fenito. ”

  1. I know it’s close to Halloween and all, and fun is fun, but please don’t scare me like that!

  2. Can’t wait for Saturday night! That was a good opening scare! Don’t change to much Creature Features gang, but change is good 😀

  3. Tangella with new hair. Anything would be an improvement over that nasty tangle of yarn on her head.
    Why is she so fascinating? Weird sex appeal/symbol? I can’t explain it. I feel like a pervert watching her.

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