This weekend on Creature Features:

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 7.57.27 AM.pngWe’ll actually be featuring creatures! Animal trainer and expert Alison Klahr joins us to watch 1976’s “Rattlers.” And while she isn’t bringing any actual rattlesnakes, she will have an entire menagerie of wonderful beasts to share with us. And if you know Tangella as well as we do, you’ll know she won’t be content simply stepping in for the intro and letters segment on this episode. So join us this Saturday at 10PM on Northbay TV and KOFY TV20. Can’t get those stations? No worries, the new episode will show up on our YouTube channel at 10PM as well. Don’t miss it!

Should you reside anywhere near where we create this show…

…which is the San Francisco Bay Area, our friends at the weather bureau have indicated we are in for yet another miserable day of heat and humidity. We strongly suggest you stay indoors today. Not so as you can avoid the inevitable sunburn or farmer’s tan, but specifically so you can enjoy last night’s episode of the show, of course. Creature Features: it works better than sunblock and costs a whole lot less.

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