You couldn’t catch last night’s broadcast. We understand.

Maybe you got roped into an exclusive late-night cheese tasting at that over-priced bistro which just recently opened. Or perhaps you had to run to the vet to address the torn fin on your pet piranha. Or maybe you had the in-laws over and your sports-loving brother-in-law “Dave” insisted that you all watch the Canadian Curling trials on ESPN. Again, we understand. That’s why we always serve last night’s episode for Sunday morning breakfast. While it doesn’t have a short stack or maple syrup, it does have a generous serving of Director Scott Baker and more than a dollop of The Crawling Eye. Creature Features: it’s the breakfast of champions.

This Saturday night on Creature Features:

We’ll be joined by director Scott Baker, who will chat with us about his new film “5th Passenger” debuting next week. We’ll also be watching 1958’s “The Crawling Eye”, a pure classic in the Bug-Eyed Monster category. Don’t miss it! 10PM on KOFY TV, Northbay TV and a few other awesome stations. Can’t get those stations? No problem. Go to our YouTube channel Saturday night and the show will magically appear at 10PM PST.


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