Halloween party hangovers can be some of the worst.

But with a few simple steps and ingredients, you can be right-as-rain by lunchtime. You’ll need:

3 Advil

1 Large cup of coffee

2 Eggs cooked to your liking

1 Copy of last night’s episode of Creature Features

Consume the first four items and watch the fifth one in a darkened room. We’ve provided the last item, it’s up to you to obtain the rest. Let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

Our final episode. Last one. Terminado. Fini. Fertig. Fenito. 

Clarification: the last episode of our first two year run. Beginning with our Halloween episode next weekend, we’ll be launching year 3 of our show. Expect a new opening. Tangella with new hair. And you can also assume a few other surprises as well. So enjoy this final episode of our “classic” era. It has a great guest, a funny movie and you’ll have the opportunity to learn way more than you ever wanted to know about the Bodega Bay Manure Festival.

Tonight on Creature Features:

Little Shop of Horrors, the tale of a man-eating plant and the goofy characters helping it, one of them being a very young Jack Nicholson. Joining us will be Damon Collingsworth who operates California Carnivores. A nursery that specializes only in man-eating plants. Well, maybe not man-eating plants, but bug-eating plants which is almost as cool. 10PM PST on KOFY TV-20, Northbay TV, YouTube and several other wonderful television stations. Don’t miss it!



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