This Saturday:

We’ll present “Trilogy of Terror” from 1975. Karen Black plays a triple threat in this horror anthology. It’s like she decided to audition for one horror film, and the casting director said, “Here’s two more.” The film is a true showcase of Karen Black’s acting range as well as her ability to scream and run.

On the first two tales, they’re just plain silly. One involves a lecherous and blackmailing college student, and the other is a bizarre story about twins who can’t manage to just get along. But the last story is where “Trilogy of Terror” finally gets its act together. The tale of the Zuni fetish doll is quite fun and genuinely creepy. It’s as if the filmmakers suddenly realized they were making a horror movie and decided to save the best for last. That little Zuni doll will haunt your dreams long after the credits roll

All this while Tangella demonstrates her incendiary skills to Mrs. O’Connor, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific on YouTube at the enclosed link and on-demand at Don’t miss it!

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