This Saturday:

We’ll take in an amazing 3D movie that which sadly won’t be served to you in 3D. The classic sci-fi romp “The Maze” (1953) is sure to leave audiences delightfully befuddled. Get ready for a-maze-ing twists and turns that’ll have you scratching your head and laughing all the way to the exit. It’s a film so puzzling, you’ll wonder if you’ve accidentally stepped into an existential riddle disguised as a movie!

Joining us will be stuntman Tony Vella. He’ll impress us with some of the titles of the recent films he has graced and utterly baffle us with his clever vocal impersonations of famous people you might recognize.

All this while Handrew impedes Tangella’s surfing practice, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific on YouTube at the enclosed link and on-demand at Don’t miss it!

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