Thank you, YouTube.

Thank you, YouTube, for the wonderful plaque. But the biggest thanks goes to our dedicated and wonderful viewers, who got us to this magic number. Coming soon: 200,000 subscribers!

3 thoughts on “Thank you, YouTube.”

  1. Thank you for the enjoyable show. I look forward to the opening theme song. Which I enjoy tremendously especially when Tangella and Livingston dance and Vincent plays the piano.I also enjoy your mail opening ritual and the snide intellectually made remarks to Vincent. Thanks again Ronald from Kansas.

  2. Congrats, Creature Features cast & crew on your recent, well-deserved YT award! I’m currently viewing “Scared to Death” for a bit of Sunday afternoon goosebumps & giggles, but having grown up watching Pittsburgh horror host, Bill Cardill’s (Chilly Billy Cardilly) Chiller Theatre, I especially enjoy your 70’s/80’s-era offerings, many of which I’ve not seen since my youth. Keep up the good work, and stay creepy! Sharon in Oakland

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