Wayback Wednesday:

This week we will present episode 100 of Creature Features from November 2018. Our guest was Erin Brockovich and the movie was “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” from 1962. Don’t miss this blast-to-the past next Wednesday night at 8PM Pacific, only on YouTube!

Why we’re doing this: Back in the early days of our show, we were strictly a broadcast program shown on our home station, NBTV and also on KOFY. Our YouTube channel was merely an outlet to post episodes for guests and some viewers to see the show outside of our broadcast  area. We would simply post a duplicate, low-resolution copy of our NBTV feed, commercials and all, to YouTube. Some of these episodes had great guests and fun movies, so we’ll be reissuing some of these back to YouTube at full-resolution and with all of the NBTV commercials removed. Likely won’t be every Wednesday night, but we’ll try to reissue these episodes somewhat regularly.

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