This Saturday on Creature Features:

If there’s anyone in this household that knows a thing or two about Voodoo, it would be Tangella. And she was excited to learn that the movie we’d be presenting on Saturday would feature that ancient rite. But we haven’t the heart to tell her that this is really more of a vampire movie than a Voodoo movie. A fact that she apparently missed from the title itself:  “The Vampire’s Ghost” from 1945. This looks like it could be a fairly good film, but we won’t lie to you – it’s not. But it is different. And seeing that we tend to show the same old junk over and over again, this might be a refreshing departure for your tired eyes. Starring John Abbott, Peggy Stewart, Grant Withers and Adele Mara this film takes place in an African port where bad things start to happen. We’ll just leave it at that.

And joining us to watch this trip down memory lane will be the lovely Shannon Twomey. She gives graveyard tours. A job we could see Tangella taking on one day. Though Shannon does not dig up the bodies for a more-intimate tour as Tangella likely would. But she does have some good stories to tell. Especially about the time she saw a ghost. Vince will be all-ears for that tale.

All this while Tangella has Handrew do her dirty work, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific at the enclosed link and on-demand at our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels. Don’t miss it!

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