The most common message we receive…

The most common message we receive every day here at Creature Features is, “How do we watch your show?” Especially now that KOFY TV in the San Francisco Bay Area has ridden off into the sunset. While our YouTube and Vimeo channels work great, the best way to catch our show is to use one of the devices covered in the article below. Think of it as a tiny VCR loaded with free content. We have a Creature Features app for each one of these wonderful set-top boxes, so no matter which one you choose, you can see our show and can catch our current and previous episodes for free. As far as we’re concerned we think the best picture and sound quality comes from the Apple offering, with Roku as a close second.

One thought on “The most common message we receive…”

  1. Unfortunately, a large part of your viewers who no longer can watch the show do not use streaming devices. Granted, the younger audience tends to watch more streaming, howver much of CF’s audience is over 55, and that is an audience that tends to have trouble with the use of technology.

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