This weekend on Creature Features:

Wikipedia describes David Skal as an American cultural historian, critic, writer, and on-camera commentator known for his research and analysis of horror films and horror literature. Vincent simply describes him as, “…a very pleasant bloke who knows a good deal more about horror movies than I.” David will join us to chat about the history of horror and how our favorite genre really got its start. He’ll tell us about the many projects he’s been involved with, what it’s like to create the commentary tracks for the video disks for some of the most famous horror films ever made and he’ll tell us the significance of our movie presentation, which happens to be:

“The Ghoul” from 1933, starring Boris Karloff. This film, which was Britain’s answer to the USA’s “The Mummy” revolves around an Egyptologist who thinks that an ancient jewel, which he has managed to possess, will give him the power of rejuvenation before he dies. A classic film served in the style we’ve all come to know and love.

All this while Tangella turns up the heat, this Saturday night at 9PM Pacific Time at the YouTube link above, 10PM on KOFY TV20 and on-demand at our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels. Don’t miss it!

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