This weekend on Creature Features:

We take you back to the 70’s again with the woefully underrated “The Horror at 37,000 Feet.” This is actually quite a well-made film that deserves a spot far higher on the horror-movie ratings list than where it currently dwells. We could go into great deal about what the story entails, but look at it this way: this film was produced at the height of the Airport movies and knockoffs caused by The Exorcist. What if a clever producer had decided to merge the two genres?

It also has a great cast of familiar faces that include: William Shatner, Chuck Connors, Buddy Ebsen, Tammy Grimes, Lyn Loring, Jane Merrow, Roy Thinnes, Paul Winfield and Russell Johnson

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  1. Well, when I suggested a showing of ‘that classic from ’73’, this isn’t exactly what I was referring to… 😁. The frosty air, the split pea soup, speaking in Latin tongues, a demon… This is an Exorcist knockoff !!

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