This weekend on Creature Features:

The three main forces of the universe shall converge to form the perfect triad for a season 5 debut: Halloween night, a full moon and the finale of daylight savings time. All we need is some rain and our spooky lives will be complete. But don’t set your clocks back just quite yet. Because you wouldn’t want to miss our movie, namely 1972’s “Gargoyles.” A not-so-bad film with some fairly interesting special effects. It’s a tame movie that shouldn’t frighten the little ones, so let them eat some candy and stay up late. As far as guests go, not sure what we’re doing in that department, which means someone will drop in unexpectedly.

All this while Tangella channels Beetlejuice this Saturday night at 9PM Pacific Time on KOFY TV20, the YouTube link above, our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels and on a frightening selection of treat-laden television stations nationwide. Don’t miss it

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  1. Great movie this Saturday Gargoyles is a errie and spooky movie.Great story line and acting from professor point of view on demons. To partying dirt biker’s and old duffer and his roadside attraction. Looking forward to seeing the Night Stalker Carl Kolshack Darrin McGavin. My favorite was the one about the Vampire in Las Vegas. Keep up the fun Vincent and Livngston and Hot Chick Tangella 🔥🎃👊

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