If there’s one thing that one can say about September, it is that it is a month chock-full of important holidays.

And with so many goings-on at the cusp of fall, it’s understandable that you may inadvertently miss a broadcast of Creature Features due to obligations to one of these days of observance. For example, last Saturday was National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Had the producers of our show checked the calendar beforehand, they assure us that they would have petitioned our various TV stations to temporarily move our broadcast to the following Sunday to avoid this irreconcilable conflict. Particularly since Sunday was National Wife Appreciation Day and there’s no better way to show appreciation towards one’s wife than to build her a bowl of popcorn as she enjoys the latest installment of Creature Features. In any case, fret not. Since we mirror our episodes on Vimeo as well, you have yet another opportunity to catch last Saturday’s episode today, matey. And while today happens to be National Batman Day, there will be plenty of time to see our show after you’ve paid your respects to the dynamic duo.

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