This weekend on Creature Features:

Long before Mike Brady had to make do with three boys of his own, widower Stephen Douglas laid the groundwork for how it should be done on My Three Sons. And joining us this weekend will be the lovely lone woman in that household of five men, Ms. Tina Cole who portrayed Katie on that long-running show. She’ll tell us about what life was like being on one of the most popular sitcoms on television and give us some insights about what it’s like to have been a chance Hollywood discovery. Between all that, we’ll be watching 1953’s “Phantom from Space.” An interesting film that isn’t even remotely as scary as it sounds. All this while Tangella absconds with Livingston’s bagpipes, this Saturday night at 9PM Pacific Time on KOFY TV20, the YouTube link above, our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels and on a galaxy-sized selection of atomic-age television stations nationwide. Don’t miss it!

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