One thought on “Episode 193 Letters”

  1. I am relatively new to your show, but I really like it. When I first started watching, maybe 2 months ago, I used to skip over the questions, interviews, etc, and just focus on the movie. But what I’ve come to discover is that now, I look forward to those segments, just because I’m getting to “know” you three over time. Vincent, Tangella, and Livingstone. Plus, Vincent, I really like your interview style. You’re kind of laid back, and you just try to draw out interesting things that the other person has to talk about. Anyway, in this pile of crap COVID-19 environment, I look upon your show as a nice, positive, break from reality. Ha ha, I had been curious if your UK accent was real or fake Vincent, but you made a comment about something being different in the UK last episode, so now I know that’s really where you’re from, and that the accent is real. Keep up the great work all! 🙂

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