A typical Saturday at the mansion goes like this:

Vince spends most of the afternoon trying to master the pipe organ. Much of that time is squandered cursing at said pipe organ because the stops don’t operate the way he thinks they should. Livingston spends much of the day going into the city to purchase supplies for the household. Tangella tends to fritter away her day down at the cliffs of Bodega Head, throwing rocks at tourists and puncturing tires in and around the various beach parking lots. You probably spend your Saturday’s doing similar things as well. And sometimes these afternoon activities stretch out longer than you realize and you wind up getting home too late to catch Creature Features. Nothing to worry about. Because we save each and every episode online, so you don’t have to catch it the moment it is broadcast for the first time. And we don’t just save it on YouTube, we save it on Vimeo as well so you can see it in the best form possible. And for those of you who missed the show because you were at Bodega Bay earlier that day and spent the evening in the ER because a rock was mysteriously lodged in your head, please accept our sincerest apology.

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