This weekend on Creature Features:

As Vince puts it, “…a programme with the moniker “Creature Features” that doesn’t actually feature creatures should simply be entitled “Feature” and that of course could steer all kinds of havoc towards our listing in TV Guide magazine.” To rectify this oversight, we’ll have our old friend, animal wrangler Alison Klahr on to share with us some of her beasts. And as you all know, Tangella loves animals more than she despises people, so you can expect to see more of our bonnie young lass on the show than usual. And to round out another one of our rare animal episodes, we’ll be showing 1939’s “The Gorilla.” Yes, we know…not a great film but a wonderfully effective tool to nudge overstaying guests towards the door. All this and Tangella’s grenade-tossing skills are on the menu, this Saturday night at 9PM PST on KOFY TV20, the YouTube link above, our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels and on a wild selection of ferocious television stations nationwide. Don’t miss it!

5 thoughts on “This weekend on Creature Features:”

  1. A skip it show for me this week. Movie is not scary nor is it “funny” (I originally saw this on the long gone PBS show “Matinee At The Bijou” in the 1980s).
    Instead, this Saturday night, I will watch a film that I saw originally at a drive-in 40 years ago this week, a movie that can be considered a “horror classic” and a film that spawned 8 sequels, a remake, and a battle with yet another 1980s horror icon. The film I am talking about (40 years old this month!) is “Friday the 13th”. (Trivia note: One of the victims is a pre-famous Kevin Bacon). Uncut, of course.

    1. This movie play the sa m e year my dad dc icon TheBatMan dube in the pages of dc comics 1939.

  2. I have a strange obsession about this: we are currently in Pacific Daylight time and not PST.

    Your update says 9pm PST on KOFY TV.

    We always start and end the year in standard time and only shift to daylight time during the summer months.

    1. Good catch. We’re too chaotic here to keep changing that twice a year. We’ll likely start using PTZ instead. Thanks.

  3. Still a chance to relive that corny humor of putting on the Ritz….a good pallet cleanse..

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