If you’re anything like Vince, you probably had a busy weekend.

Doing things like attending concerts, premiere parties in Beverly Hills or jetting out to Aspen to get in some skiing. (Actually, he doesn’t do anything like that. He’s spends most weekends playing chess with Livingston and helping Tangella track down one of her wayward goats.) And even if you didn’t, you might have been too busy to catch last Saturday’s show. If that’s the case, here’s another copy served fresh from Vimeo, that friendly harbor of high-quality video. It’s just as delicious as it was on Saturday and you can watch it without the agony of having wine spilled by a falling pop star onto your brand new shoes.

One thought on “If you’re anything like Vince, you probably had a busy weekend.”

  1. Seen the film before, it’s ok. I did re-watch a film on DVD this weekend that I will recommend & it is timely. The film is the 1996 Hong Kong classic called “Ebola Syndrome”. The plot involves a employee (played by Anthony Wong, who specialized in playing similar roles in other HK films) who is bullied & kills his boss & wife, flees to South Africa, works at a Chinese restaurant, kills his boss & wife there as well. While in South Africa, the man catches Ebola & goes back to Hong Kong & we see him speading the disease. The film itself is quite gory & there is a fair amount of nudity (it is likely this won’t air on Creature Features for that reason). It is also subtitled. Well worth tracking down.

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