We know how it goes.

You couldn’t watch the show on Saturday night. Either your wife dragged you down to that new disco that opened up downtown or your husband guilt-tripped you into going to the monster truck show with him. These things happen. Luckily for you, every Monday we repost the Vimeo link of last Saturday’s episode for you to enjoy during the week before the next episode hits on Saturday. It’s our way of saying that you still look good in polyester bell-bottomed pants and that sitting on cold bleachers in winter is one of the best ways to enjoy a mustard-saturated corn dog.

One thought on “We know how it goes.”

  1. I DVR’d the episode. I will substitute the movie with the 1988 film “Blood Diner”, directed by Jackie Kong (& from the recent blu ray release) & will watch the final product this weekend.

    “Blood Diner” is one of my favorites. I originally bought the Vestron VHS tape back in the day (at $89.95!!) Mixing the film with the TV show (& throwing in some 1980s commercials off of a DVD) and it will be a great viewing night.

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