Here’s last Saturday’s episode…

…via Vimeo, in case you missed it.

Our friends at home who watch the show over the air by broadcast may not be aware that:

* Our online episodes don’t have the broadcast commercials (other than our short sponsor bumpers).

* They tend to have the full movie and full interview.

* The video and audio quality is far superior to broadcast.

Originally, we were showing the same episodes online as the ones we broadcast, commercials, cuts and all. This was something of a simulcast of our broadcast. A few months ago, we began splitting the episodes during edit. One for broadcast, one for online. The online version is the full episode. The broadcast version has to be cut to fit a 2-hour time slot with room for commercials. Another difference you might notice is quality. Television, particularly those receiving satellite, compress the program mercilessly. That’s how they manage to get 1000 channels through one wire. This makes the program look and sound inferior. Our online versions have only the light compression added by the hosting site. While both YouTube and Vimeo compress the programs, they both look far better than broadcast. Vimeo actually does a much better job and generally our shows look better on that service than they do on YouTube. That’s why we use the Vimeo feed for our Roku and FireTV apps and always make sure we share the Vimeo link after broadcast.

Thank you taking the time to learn more about the broadcast process at Creature Features. We hope this information will enrich your life for years to come.

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  1. I am curious: How is the viewership on KOFY TV 20 versus NBTV versus You Tube and the other streaming sits?

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