This weekend on Creature Features:

Halloween marks the beginning of a new season of Creature Features here at the Poulter Mansion. And boy do we have a good one for you. We’ll be celebrating Halloween at the historic Winchester Mystery House. A fantastic venue that needs no introduction. We’ll be joined by some of the staff at the scariest home in California and they’ll tell us about the history of this great estate and some of the more unusual goings-on that have been seen in those hallowed halls. Movie-wise, we’ll be watching 1965’s “Nightmare Castle”, an Italian-job starring Barbara Steele. Important Note: we will NOT be on YouTube this week. A technical issue is blocking our ability to upload the episode. Normally that is something we can quickly correct, but our production office is in the PG&E shut-down zone and we won’t be back in front of our editing stations in time for Saturday’s broadcast. This issue does not affect our other normal broadcast or internet platforms. However, we will be trying something new: premiering an episode on Facebook. We’ve never done this before and are looking forward to seeing how well this works. Those of you who enjoy the YouTube chats might find this to be a better experience and a bit more fun. Saturday night at 10PM PST on KOFY TV20, the Facebook link below, our Roku and FireTV channels and on an impressive network of lovely television stations nationwide. Don’t miss it!

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