Dear Creature Feature friends:

Today we have a special favor to ask of you. Our current subscriber count on YouTube is 6300 lovely individuals. But sadly, YouTube considers any channel under 10,000 subscribers to simply be a “personal” channel and therefore unable to access features and benefits typically available to mainstream channels. We’re hoping to change this with your help. Please go to the YouTube link below and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. And also please ask your friends to do so as well. We have some wonderful surprises in the works for the the channel that we’re sure you’ll enjoy, but we’re unable to implement these until we reach the 10K subscriber watermark. Once we get past that magic point, you might just start seeing Vincent and Livingston popping into the chat. And maybe even Tangella, despite all the potential trouble she’ll create there. You might even see us all live from the mansion. So please subscribe today!

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