We get it. You “don’t watch TV.”

You boast you don’t even own said device. Yet you still comment on the latest plot twists on Game of Thrones and manage to exhibit insights about last night’s sports event. We “don’t watch television” either. Like you, we’re denizens of the digital age and find our video entertainment is delicious regardless of how or in which format it is served. But if you missed our Saturday broadcast of the show because you again were not watching television, here’s a chance to catch it on Vimeo. The picture quality is far better than it is on our broadcast. And you’ll finally get a small dose of those commercials you’ve been missing from your Netflix account. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “We get it. You “don’t watch TV.””

  1. Love your show but not so much your choice of movies. Throw your viewers a bone once in a while. Still, I love the back and forth between you and your guests as well as Tangela and Livingston.

  2. I agree with Mark. Most weeks I DVR it and fast forward through the movies just for the host segments and the mail
    Most weeks, the movies are not that good, not even in the “so bad, it’s funny” category. The show needs either more horror movies or more campy movies.

  3. You’re killing me with all of the stupid rocket ship/space flicks! I love your show BUT please please keep with the theme!

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