Tonight on Creature Features:

We’ll be watching “Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women”, a wonderful sci-fi film that was made in Russia, then brought to America and goofed up a bit by an American director. Still a fun film and worth a watch. Joining us will be artist, author and dancer Pepper Alexandria, who has been on John Stanley’s Creature Features more times than probably any other person in the world. Tonight at 10PM on KOFY TV20, Northbay TV, YouTube and a number of other noteworthy stations across the USA. Don’t miss it!


One thought on “Tonight on Creature Features:”

  1. A top-tier, quality flick!
    Since when do Russian space suits employ Vespa headlamps in the front?!?

    Also, Vincenzo, when you gonna ditch that mop on your head and stop with the played out Ozzy Osbourne look. Get a haircut!

    Better yet, get a job! Then you can afford licensing fees to bring in better films for your 2 dozen audience members. Amateur!

    Last item: We Need. More. Livingston!

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