Normally, we serve something delicious…

…the morning after our Saturday night broadcast. But when it comes to this movie, not so much. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not a terrible movie. It’s simply just not a terror-able movie. But you be the judge. In any case, the guest is wonderful, Tangella wears calamari earrings and we packed in a bunch of extra commercials to take some of the sting off. And as always, that little control that lets you fast-forward through the boring parts works perfectly as usual. Utilize it wisely and deploy it frequently.

4 thoughts on “Normally, we serve something delicious…”

  1. Not sure why I waited all week to watch this piece of crap. Come on guys, at least try to show something entertaining.

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    1. We fully agree it was a stinker. What surprises us is how many people actually liked it. You can displease some of the people, some of the time…

  2. I went into this film with an open mind hoping for a different angle or a quirky but fun story line…hmmm…I braved it out but sadly could not even place it in the “ so bad it’s good “ catagory. I came to enjoy somewhat the truly awfully portrayed sea monster as it was so bad as to be really funny, so at least there’s that.
    As a side note the discrepancy between the lobby poster and the actual scene was perhaps a record in promoting fantasy..nice try!

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