If you were to tune into KOFY TV20 at this very moment…

…you could enjoy an informational program offering a collection of magnificent cheese-storage solutions at a most reasonable price. And should you order now, you’ll also receive a lovely matching butter bowl. OR, you could click the link below and enjoy a great movie, a wonderful guest and a few moments of Tangella skipping through a graveyard. All this with no money down.

3 thoughts on “If you were to tune into KOFY TV20 at this very moment…”

  1. Enjoy your show, Big Creature Feature fan, would love to hear Tangella speak, im sure it would make her even more interesting than she already is. Joe

  2. Big fan. Live in Cincinnati. Constantly praising your show. It’s well-produced. Looks fantastic. Great mix of characters. You’re really at the top of the current horror hosting phenomenon.

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