Tonight on Creature Features:

Sally Wilkins, wife of former host Bob Wilkins joins us to watch “Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter. Saturday night. 10PM on Northbay TV and at 11PM on KOFY TV-20. Don’t miss it!

Jesse James - Sally Wilkins.png

2 thoughts on “Tonight on Creature Features:”

  1. Hello creepy people,my name Sandra i have been watching Creatures Features sence i was a little girl i am 58 now back then it used to be a double feature as a kid it was great loved the comedy horror films you need more.your movies kind of suck.Merry Christmas &Happy New Year hope its great. 2018-19

  2. You need to fix the “close captions”. Also, a little less of the
    Of the announcer. He’s a bit of a blimey drag.

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