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  1. Very cute. The whole premise is brilliant. Whoever the young lady is carries it very well.

      1. I totally agree.I just discovered it on Youtube and instantly loved it. And guess what? I’never like The Adams Family or anything like that before. That alone says a lot…

  2. The actress portraying Tangella from Creature Features does more with less than just about any actress around. It’s hard to figure how she is so engaging when they give her almost nothing to do. Of course she is drop dead cute, but then a lot of actresses are. What’s different about her is how she manages to be coquettish, a flirt, a tease, and an innocent girl next door, all on a horror creature feature show. Nice work young lady. I sincerely hope she is single and unattached. It will break thousands of hearts if she’s spoken for.

  3. Nice pic! Also, congrats to the beautiful woman who plays Tangella. She manages so much with a look and a wink. Great fun. 🙂

  4. Had Tangella been on Bob’s original show it would have even been more wildly popular.
    “Oh, and Tangella, keep pranking Vincent–best part of the program!”

  5. Are there any pics of the beautiful Tangella without her Creature Feature make up. Would love to see what she actually looks like.

  6. Met the gang at San Mateo Fairgrounds and took group picture , and loved that they were in character especially Tangella , it was funny when Vincent said she looks like Kirsten Dunst in Interview With A Vampire

  7. Tangella is a beautiful, sexy girl. Would luv to see what she looks like without that crazy hair wig she wears. Also, think it would greatly improve show if she would speak. Joe

  8. Love the whole Creature Feature gang! I was lucky to meet them all at the Concord Comic Con in January 2019 and at the San Ramon Comic Con in July 2019. I got my picture taken with them and autographs! I love talking with them, except Tangella, who doesn’t talk but smiles instead.

  9. Liking the show. Watching THE DEVIL BAT episode. (Mar. 28)
    Vince rocks and Tangella is adorable in a kooky spook kinda way. R.I.P. Bob Wilkins.
    Keep it scary and fun. Thanks everyone.

  10. Just discovered this creepy crew and mansion.

    Is it just me but Tangella has that Spider Baby circa 1967/a non speaking Lily Munster vibe? Maybe if the Munster’s had a daughter?

    Mr Livingston, you sir, deserve combat pay, as for Vincent Van Dahl, well a poor man’s Meatloaf or Johnny Carson?

    God love Vincent, but the boy, well, he just ain’t right.

    Really enjoy watching the trio, you cannot take your eyes off Tangella, is she really that petite or is Mr Livingston just towering, 6 foot 4? CGI?

    I do agree with Vincent, have a major dislike for over done CGI, less is more.

    Thanks for making CF available as a Roku Channel, can now watch the old Creature Feature on the east coast of Virginia.

    Oh, love the dry old school, PBS like Mr Livingston, the ads, MAC software, that Winchester Mystery House, just so apropos, dry, brief, that voice,then break away.

    It’s a shame the trio have never been made into Action figures.

    Oh, have you ever aired The Haunting (1963 film), the movie follows the book, short novel The Haunting of Hill House (1959) by Shirley Jackson fairly closely, up to about the time the Doc’s wife arrives then goes off a bit.

    Still, it a great movie, the book even better, with the Doc’s wife better developed, crazy.

    It has to be one of the best horror novels ever written.

  11. Such a enchantic young lady and so beautifully mysterious. she reminds me of someone I know so long ago.

  12. Tangella is a very pretty young lady. We are all watching her grow up rite in front of us. Who is she? Where did she come from? Does she driver own car? The other two guy’s I don’t know. Please show better horror movies. Here is an example, Vincent Price in The House of Wax.

  13. Just started to watch the show and finding Tangella very very cute and really adds to the show I love her hair and white dress,,,her facial expressions are marvelous Sooooo cute and mysterious

  14. Tangelos is beautiful, sexy and adorable in an adult Wednesday Adams kind of way. Also a true smart strong independent woman. Do not ever break her heart, or she will feed you yours.

  15. Vincent, Tangella and Livingston are great. I love Livingston’s dry wit, and Vincent and his washed up goth punk rocker vibe I totally would smoke a joint and rock out on guitar with him. And Tangella is so adorable I just want to hug her to pieces.
    You guys are awesome. I grew up watching Saturday Night Dead in Philly. It would be so cool if you guys could get Stella the Man-Eater from Manayunk as a guest I would love to see Tangella and Stella interact and do a skit together the two loveliest lady’s of horror movie hosting together. Thanks for keeping up the great Horror host tradition. Roland, Dr Shock, Vampira, Stella, and now you guys are added to my favorite horror movie hosts!

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