If you’re one to spend their Sunday mornings glomming over the newspaper with biscuits and tea…

…allow us to provide a forewarning: LA is still on fire, the president said something rather discourteous on Twitter and Prince Harry is finally going to settle down. In other words, you’ll probably be reading the exact same stories as last week. Instead, toss that paper to the rubbish bin and enjoy last night’s episode of Creature Features. It contains a remarkable guest and a silly movie. So you’ll start your day happy that the program ended instead of sad at the realization of the ghastly world in which we live. Creature Features: it’s better than the news.

We get it: It was a Saturday night.

You went to the theater. You ate far too much popcorn and not enough caffeinated soda pop. And when you finally returned home, you went straight to bed and missed last night’s episode of Creature Features. Things happen. But we have a solution: here’s last night’s episode, it all it’s glory. Do the Watch of Shame. Your secret is safe with us.

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