Spring forward with your friends at The Poulter Mansion!

Joining us for the biannual changing of the clocks will be the fabulous actor, Sean Whalen. You’ve seen this proficient actor in so many films, we can’t even list them all here. Just a few: Twister, 3 From Hell, The People Under The Stairs and many more. He’ll tell us what it was like working on those films, what he’s been up to lately and what he’ll be doing next. And if we’re going to do the time-warp again with daylight savings time, we might as well go back to 1971 and watch Joseph Cotten in “Lady Frankenstein”, an Italian-made movie that sounds much better than it really is. All this and more on Saturday night at 10PM PST on KOFY TV20, the YouTube link below, our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels and on a prompt selection of punctual television stations nationwide. Don’t miss it! 

We know how it goes.

You couldn’t watch the show on Saturday night. Either your wife dragged you down to that new disco that opened up downtown or your husband guilt-tripped you into going to the monster truck show with him. These things happen. Luckily for you, every Monday we repost the Vimeo link of last Saturday’s episode for you to enjoy during the week before the next episode hits on Saturday. It’s our way of saying that you still look good in polyester bell-bottomed pants and that sitting on cold bleachers in winter is one of the best ways to enjoy a mustard-saturated corn dog.

In case you missed…


…last Saturday’s episode (and you likely did if you were trying to watch it on KOFY TV20…more on that in a moment), here it is in its full splendor served by Vimeo, commercial free and chock-full of all kinds of digital goodness. Those who were watching on KOFY might have experienced some Deja Vu with our prior episode. A little mishap in the programming department at KOFY caused the prior episode to encore once again on Saturday. Imagine the shock our viewers must have experienced seeing a Creature Features episode repeat! Just so you know, we shoot at least 52 episodes a year. The only times we’ve ever had a repeat was due to a technical glitch of some nature or the fact that we had to run away from an oncoming fire. But other than those circumstances, we always serve a new episode of the show every week. But make sure you don’t miss the one above. Great movie, great guest and the usual antics of Tangella.

This weekend on Creature Features:

It’s monster night on your favorite ghastly show. First, we’ll be showing 1969’s “Attack of the Monsters.” A silly attempt at a Godzilla-like movie about a giant turtle that shoots sparks out of its behind. Definitely not that great, but not so terrible either. But what is truly fabulous is our guest for the evening. We’ll be joined by Robert Napton, comic editor for the fabulous Legendary Entertainment. These are the people that brought us the new Lost In Space series and will soon be out with Godzilla Vs. Kong. This company makes the kind of things we all like and Robert will tell us everything he can about what they have in the works. All this and more on Saturday night at 10PM PST on KOFY TV20, the YouTube link below, our Roku, AppleTV and FireTV channels and on a monstrous selection of cultivated television stations nationwide. Don’t miss it!

There’s not much on television tonight.

Unless you’re into The Bachelor or Antiques Roadshow. Why not get a little of both with the bachelor Vincent and his antique horror show by catching last Saturday’s episode of Creature Features? There will be no singular rose awarded to a doe-eyed beauty. Nor will there be any exorbitantly  high estimate of value for a Civil War chess set. But Tangella does beat the living &%@! out of poor Handrew with a frying pan and that is far more entertaining than the the rest.

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