This weekend on Creature Features:

Join us for a night of fantasy as we watch 1962’s “The Magic Sword.” It has dragons and wizards, not to mention damsels in distress. And with us to enjoy this wonderful gem of a film will be the fabulous model and cosplayer, Margo McReynolds. She’ll show us some her fantastic outfits and tell us things about this movie that our producers didn’t even know. 10PM PST on KOFY TV20, the YouTube link below, on our Roku and Fire TV stations and a myriad of other TV stations across the globe. Don’t miss it!

Ties. Socks…

…a coffee cup with the inscription “World’s Greatest Dad.” Brunch at Pancake Circus. While all of these Father’s Day gifts are valid if not valuable, it’s time to turn it up a notch this year: Give dad the gift of gab, humor and horror by joining him for last night’s episode of Creature Features today. While it won’t organize his belts, improve his golf swing nor make him the talk at the water cooler tomorrow at work; it will give you all a chance to bond in a family fashion which is what this wonderful holiday is all about. So why not bond yourselves in blood and enjoy “City of the Dead.” It’s a nice family movie and will not require a trip to WalMart.

This weekend on Creature Features:

Spend Saturday night with your friends at the Poulter Mansion as we watch 1960’s “City of The Dead.” A marvelously morbid film set in a Salem-like town with a story that will leave you wondering which witch is which. And joining us to endure this magically mystical story of the macabre will be our guest, Mr. Lobo. Famed horror host from Cinema Insomnia. He’ll tell us things about this film that will impress us greatly, give us insights about life in rural Pennsylvania and have a conversation with a house plant. Saturday night at 10PM PST on KOFY TV20, Northbay TV, Roku, Fire TV, the YouTube link below and four-dozen incredibly wonderful stations across the country. Don’t miss it!

The weatherman says…

…we’ll likely see 3-digit temperatures here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It may be getting quite hot in other areas too. Heat is dangerous! Instead, consider staying indoors until things cool down this evening. And while you’re at it, catch this most wonderful episode of Creature Features you likely missed last night. Great guest, great movie. A true rarity for a ghastly little show like ours.

Why wait till Saturday for the new episode…

…when you can get in a dose of classic Creature Features today? Special treat for our Roku & Fire TV viewers: for a limited time we’ll be running Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong – A Journey into Creature Features. This wonderful documentary covers the years that Bob Wilkins and John Stanley hosted the show. You’ll see clips from the original series, interviews with the hosts, guests and crew while learning all about this television classic. If you haven’t yet downloaded the free Creature Features app, get the links here.

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Horror & Sci-Fi Movies With Wonderful Guests.