If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where your friends at Creature Features reside…

…you’ll experience a wonderful rainstorm at approximately 5PM this evening. Save this episode for tonight. Because there’s no better way to watch a spooky old movie than with rain trickling down your window and wind battering your shutters. But before that, go out and enjoy this partially sunny day with highs in the 50s and 2 MPH winds from the east. Just stay out of the woods.

If you were ever a typical American youth, Saturday mornings were the best:

…sugary breakfast cereals and a plethora of cartoons served on multiple channels. Sunday mornings, however, never had quite the same appeal. Farm reports, religious programming and golf tournaments seemed to dominate what only 24-hours prior was childhood paradise. Which is precisely why your friends at Creature Features always serve a semi-fresh episode of the show on this particular day. So break out that Cap’n Crunch, switch off that fishing show and enjoy Sunday-Funday as it was meant to be relished: with a great guest and a ghastly film.

If you’re one to spend their Sunday mornings glomming over the newspaper with biscuits and tea…

…allow us to provide a forewarning: LA is still on fire, the president said something rather discourteous on Twitter and Prince Harry is finally going to settle down. In other words, you’ll probably be reading the exact same stories as last week. Instead, toss that paper to the rubbish bin and enjoy last night’s episode of Creature Features. It contains a remarkable guest and a silly movie. So you’ll start your day happy that the program ended instead of sad at the realization of the ghastly world in which we live. Creature Features: it’s better than the news.

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