Tonight on Creature Features

We’ll be showing 1980’s “The Hearse”, a fun movie about a woman who keeps yelling at a hearse. Joining us will be attorney Alicia O’Neill, an intrepid barrister that stars on the Netflix true-crime series “Cold Justice.” 10PM on Northbay TV and 11PM on KOFY TV20. Don’t miss it!

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It’s already Mother’s Day again…

…and there’s no better way to celebrate this blessed day than to take old mom out for a pancake breakfast and then treat her to an episode of Creature Features. Especially since our first film revolves around a deceased mother who comes back to life as a spider creature that protects her son from the creepy demon in the closet. But be sure to buy mom some flowers too. The second film isn’t that great.

If you saw last night’s festivities on our show…

…you would have seen a few things that others who didn’t watch would have missed. Like Vince being transformed into a Batman villain, the fabulous Faye Fatale espousing facts galore and facts of gore and the wonderfully bizarre sight of Tangella speaking. But luckily for those others, they can catch last night’s show by clicking the link below. Don’t miss this fun episode.

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