Join us this weekend as we watch “Snowbeast.”

No, not the 2011 version with the guy from Dukes of Hazard, but rather the 1977 original with Bo Svenson, whoever the heck that is. We’ll be joined by the good lads of the Forever Midnight podcast, who will point out what’s both good and bad about this film while they are simultaneously being harassed by our lovely Tangella. 10PM Saturday night on KOFY TV20, Northbay TV, a bunch of other wonderful stations and on YouTube. Don’t miss it!



On this day in 2005, “March of the Penguins”, a French-made documentary about emperor penguins in Antarctica, opened in theaters across the United States.

This fabulous film went on to win numerous awards, including an Oscar. Also on this day in 2018, Creature Features released episode 83 of their show. The latter will not be seen in theaters across the U.S. nor will it receive an Oscar. But it does have Rob Wilkins and giant creatures which, if you squint yours eyes just right, do look a bit like emperor penguins. Creature Features: far from art, but close enough.

New Feedback Line

Skull-&-Phone.pngStarting next week, we’re adding a new small segment to the show. Voicemail! You can now call our new feedback number and leave us a message! If we find your message as wonderful as we think we will, it will be featured during one of the breaks of the show. Remember, this is a comment line and not meant for questions. Try to keep your message under 30 seconds and be nice! The number is 707-969-7119.

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