Hike. Kick. Pass. Super Bowl. Blah, blah, blah…

For many people, today’s premiere sporting event will be a time to gather with family and friends to stuff their gobs with Doritos and scream at the television. For the rest of us, particularly horror fans, it will be a day to allow the television to do specifically what it was meant for: to scream back at at the viewer. And if you’re at all like us, you’d much rather hear the illustrious John Stanley chat about his work on our selected film, “Nightmare in Blood” than listen to Tom Brady on the sidelines drone on about his end zone. Think of this wonderful episode of Creature Features as a half-time show. Only one where the performers conclude their act by being cut in half.

We’re taking a break from shooting this weekend…

…and rerunning our first episode that aired on KOFY. Join us Saturday night as we watch “Nightmare in Blood” with the film’s creator, Mr. John Stanley, who also happens to be the former host of the previous incarnation of Creature Features. Great movie, great guest and your friends on the show will be able to go out on a Saturday night for the first time in forever. Don’t miss this! We’ll be back next week with a new movie and a new guest!

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Sunday brunch is one of our favorite meals.

Whether you’re the gourmand that prefers a creative version of Eggs Benedict or someone of a simpler dietary preference that gravitates towards the traditional simplicity of pancakes, it’s the most important meal. But suppose you should find yourself marooned on a far-away planet one Sunday morning and your only breakfast options are sautéed Brontosaurus or deep-fried giant spiders? Well, you’re either in a precarious situation or you’re watching Planet of Dinosaurs. Our freshly reheated episode from last night is ready for your viewing pleasure right here and right now. But enjoy it with several Mimosas. You’ll need them.

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