While not intended to be so, this episode of Creature Features wound up becoming our Easter Holiday Special. Barely.

You won’t find any colored eggs, Peeps™ nor anything even remotely religious about this episode, other than a movie featuring a group of creepy New England Pilgrims. However, Tangella can be seen with a plush bunny rabbit for a few moments. So if you’re looking for a valid excuse to bow out of the annual family Easter egg hunt, watch this episode instead. You can thank us later.

In the not-so-distant past, Sunday morning rituals…

…often revolved around pancakes, coffee and a massive roll of wood pulp we lovingly called the Sunday paper. Few people receive the latter anymore. Instead they cozy up to the Sunday reprint of last night’s Creature Features show. While not as useful as bird cage lining, it is jam-packed with just as much advertising and entertainment news. So please enjoy this episode and do pass the maple syrup.

A good many of you stayed in last night eschewing the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

You watched Creature Features and then had a good night’s sleep. But the rest of you wore little green hats, plastic jewelry and demonstrated your seldom-utilized dancing skills. And it is for this latter group that we dedicate last night’s episode today. Take some more Advil, grab a bite from the kitchen and do the walk of shame over to the link below and enjoy our friends from the Federation Trading post and this silly little film titled Phantom Planet. Oh, and don’t answer your phone. Your friend’s play-by-play coverage of last night’s events might interrupt your good cheer.

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