10 thoughts on “Poulter Mansion”

  1. Could you please show a current photo of the house? I’m a history fan, and want to learn more about this place.

  2. Love your show.
    All of it.
    Tangella, Mr. Livingston, Vincent VanDahl, and everyone else.
    I even like the campy horror movies.
    Thank you for your work and for keeping the lousy horror genre alive. (Or living dead at least).
    All my best,
    Christian Gauche
    Santa Rosa, CA

    1. Technically outside of Bodega Bay, but that’s the closest city. Other than that, a well-kept secret.

  3. If you go to Bodega Bay and ask anyone about the whereabouts of the Pouter Manor including the Chamber of Commerce no one knows of an old manor home much less the Poulter Manor. They say they get several requests a weeks for directions, smile and say it’s a spoof.

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