18 thoughts on “Poulter Mansion”

  1. Could you please show a current photo of the house? I’m a history fan, and want to learn more about this place.

  2. Love your show.
    All of it.
    Tangella, Mr. Livingston, Vincent VanDahl, and everyone else.
    I even like the campy horror movies.
    Thank you for your work and for keeping the lousy horror genre alive. (Or living dead at least).
    All my best,
    Christian Gauche
    Santa Rosa, CA

    1. Technically outside of Bodega Bay, but that’s the closest city. Other than that, a well-kept secret.

  3. If you go to Bodega Bay and ask anyone about the whereabouts of the Pouter Manor including the Chamber of Commerce no one knows of an old manor home much less the Poulter Manor. They say they get several requests a weeks for directions, smile and say it’s a spoof.

      1. I’ve personally performed a complete survey of Bodega Bay proper along with several visits coupled with a fair dinner and I can assure followers no such structure by that name or of that date of origin now exists in Bodega Bay. Nor does such a manor exist in the City of Bodega. I can safely say I am familiar with the local gentry and am a person of the same considerable resources as yourself. No one in the Bodega Bay Chamber of Commerce has been paid to extenuate your illusion to the public. If such a manor exists then why not post a photo of it without disclosing its location? I strongly suspect it’s as other posts on other sites suggest – the show is shot in a studio somewhere near Windsor and fabricated for the express purpose of creating the illusion of a horror show located in an old haunted mansion in Bodega Bay riding on the coattails of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Bird’s’. That all said I do thoroughly enjoy your show. Isn’t the genre of rock music in which you made a name part of the Goth scene? I never quite understood Galvin and the gang. He was a far more talented guitarist than Goth music ever allowed. Best, Robert

  4. It would be nice to visit or conduct tours on a limited basis. Must be a nice piece of paradise. Hmmmm……I think I’ll get my realtor on this. JK!

  5. The photo here is real, almost certainly of a home that no longer exists. The interior shots from the show are clearly sets, but expertly done as is this entire creation.
    If you notice, the photo in the intro differs from the 1929 photo above. Different number of gable ends, windows, etc.
    But this is fantasy. Let yourself get lost in the fiction. It’s not like we’re ever going to knock on some door on an old Victorian and have Mr. Livingstone answer:) This show is so well done it deserves to be recognized and enjoyed without having to wonder about who’s “behind the curtain.”…

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