Creature Features Club

Join the Creature Features Club!

We’re happy to announce the new Creature Features Club! This is something that we’ve been wanting to do for some time and we finally have the logistics in place to do so. And best of all, it’s absolutely free! All you have to do is sign up at the link below. Some of the benefits we have in the works:

* Upcoming show notifications
* Discounts on our merchandise
* Surprise gifts
* Behind-the-scenes items we don’t normally post.
* Contests

To sign up, all we need is your name and email address. But if you optionally add your mailing address too, you might just randomly receive gifts from the show. In fact, once Tangella heard we were doing this, she offered to send out some personalized gifts of her own. Don’t worry…we’ll make sure she doesn’t send anything too dangerous or horrid.

So be sure to sign up today!

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