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Unlike every other film that shows up on your Netflix, Amazon or Hulu feed…

…this film does not star Ryan Gosling. Nor is it in consideration of being remade this year to be starred by The Rock. It is not being rebooted by Disney to the anger of its fans and it is not a film that either DC or Marvel would spend $10 worth of CGI enhancing. But it is a fun film, the show has a great guest and Tangella jumps up every now and then like a happy Jack Russel Terrier. So spend your Sunday with episode 95 of our adorable little show. Because you really don’t want to watch La La Land again, do you?

Tonight on Creature Features:

We’ll be watching “Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women”, a wonderful sci-fi film that was made in Russia, then brought to America and goofed up a bit by an American director. Still a fun film and worth a watch. Joining us will be artist, author and dancer Pepper Alexandria, who has been on John Stanley’s Creature Features more times than probably any other person in the world. Tonight at 10PM on KOFY TV20, Northbay TV, YouTube and a number of other noteworthy stations across the USA. Don’t miss it!


In the unlikely even you’ve been living under a rock…

…or perhaps marooned on an uncharted atoll in the Pacific, you might be unaware of the biggest news story of the weekend. We’ll give you an update: Apparently a 2-month old Pomeranian was stolen from a Las Vegas Petland store in a smash-and-grab robbery. What makes this truly interesting is that it was returned a short time later with all of its fur died pink. The little fellow is fine. And Tangella had nothing to do with this dastardly deed. Major news stories aside, here’s last night’s episode of the show. Watch this instead of CNN today. Your soul will be a bit more merry and your ears will thank you for the break.

This Saturday night:

Join us as we watch Bela Lugosi in “Scared To Death.” With us will be fellow horror host Lord Blood Rah, who will be on hand to tell us interesting things about this film and all about his horror shows. 10PM PST on KOFY TV-20, Northbay TV, YouTube and a myriad of other wonderful stations.