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This weekend on Creature Features:

Join us as we watch 1983’s “Prisoners of the Lost Universe” with Richard Hatch, Kay Lenz and John Saxon. A wonderfully silly film you won’t want to pass up. With us will be director Evan Cecil to chat about his new horror film “Lasso.” 10PM on KOFY TV 20, Northbay TV, a basketful of other wonderful stations and on YouTube at the link below. Don’t miss it!

Part of the benefit of this ludicrous changing-of-the-clocks policy we must all endure…

…is that on this weekend of the fall, we “gain” an hour. Which, if one diligently skips through the commercials, will almost certainly supply enough free time to watch most of our show. Imagine that: watching Creature Features without short-changing the rest of your day. Isn’t science amazing? Of course, come spring we will diligently forget this matter and not even bother to mention that the hour you gained today will again be lost when the tulips bloom. So be sure to spend part of your Sunday catching up on last night’s episode. It’s better than going to the mall and being accosted with Christmas music.

This Saturday night:

Join us as we watch “Atom Age Vampire.” A movie that has little to do with nuclear science or Dracula, but an entertaining film nonetheless. Also with us will be Roger Rhoten, operator of the Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma. Rumored to be haunted, we’ll be showing never-before-seen footage of what might be the theater’s ghost. 10PM on KOFY TV20, Northbay TV, a number of other wonderful stations and on YouTube at the link below. Don’t miss it!