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Going to Silicon Valley Comic Con? Don’t miss our Saturday morning panel! Info below:

Saturday April 7, 2018 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Join Vincent, Tangella and Livingston from the newest incarnation of the Bay Area’s favorite horror host show, Creature Features, that airs every Saturday night at 11PM on KOFY TV20. They’ll be chatting about the current version of the show and some of the exciting guests they’ve had visit their mansion on the hill, like Samantha Mathis and Tom Sizemore. They’ll also be joined by show consultant Tom Wyrsch, who is the official librarian and historian of the previous incarnations of the show.


While not intended to be so, this episode of Creature Features wound up becoming our Easter Holiday Special. Barely.

You won’t find any colored eggs, Peeps™ nor anything even remotely religious about this episode, other than a movie featuring a group of creepy New England Pilgrims. However, Tangella can be seen with a plush bunny rabbit for a few moments. So if you’re looking for a valid excuse to bow out of the annual family Easter egg hunt, watch this episode instead. You can thank us later.

In the not-so-distant past, Sunday morning rituals…

…often revolved around pancakes, coffee and a massive roll of wood pulp we lovingly called the Sunday paper. Few people receive the latter anymore. Instead they cozy up to the Sunday reprint of last night’s Creature Features show. While not as useful as bird cage lining, it is jam-packed with just as much advertising and entertainment news. So please enjoy this episode and do pass the maple syrup.