This Saturday:

What do bees have to do with Halloween? Not much, unless you get a few million of them together and they are in the foulest of moods. This weekend we’ll take in “The Bees” from 1978, a fun little film that stars John Saxon, Angel Tompkins and John Carradine. There’s that Carradine again…he seems to be in every movie we show. In a nutshell, the bees become weary of mankind’s follies and decide to take matters into their own tiny claws. Terror, horror and hilarity will surely ensue. Watch this one with a little honey in your tea.

Joining us to watch this busy-buzzy film will be our old friend, magician Ken Garr. He’ll show us a few tricks he has up his sleeves, tell us about his upcoming circus show and teach Tangella how to mimic a chicken.

All this while Tangella turns Handrew into a Barbie cowgirl, next Saturday night at 9PM Pacific on YouTube at the enclosed link and on-demand at Don’t miss it!

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